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You Can't Go Home Again

Released December 04, 2015

So recently I got the opportunity to attend a conference in the UK. FullFrontal is a fantastic conference for front-end developers, but honestly I'd recommend it to anyone who's at least kind of interested in technology. It's a fantastic day of talks that range from inspiring to insightful to straight-up entertaining.

The conference itself was only one day, but it was cheapest for me to be in the UK for a week. How I persuaded my wife to allow this is something I will never understand. I know sure as all get out that it won't happen a second time.

I was excited by the prospect of visiting the UK since I lived there for years. I expected it to be a whirlwind tour of friends and places, food and drink, and good feelings all around. And it was! I got to see friends, eat foods, and also suffer one of the worst hangovers I've had in years. What I didn't have was the good feelings.

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Cibele - Star Maid Games (2015)

Released November 13, 2015

I asked for a game recommendation to play on the plane while I was flying to/from a recent business trip. People suggested Cibele, and so I grabbed it. Within about 5 minutes of playing I realized: "Nope, I cannot play this on a plane with people around me." People don't seem to understand that NSFW also applies to Planes full of families and children.

This is not going to be a typical game review. I say this before I get started because, quite frankly, Cibele's not like many games that I've ever experienced.

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