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An Ode to My Shoes

Released August 24, 2015


We all need shoes. Well ok, we don't need shoes, but I think it's safe to say that most of us prefer wearing them while we go about our daily lives (if you prefer not to, well then more power to you). I say this because we've managed to construct a wide array of shoe types, not even accounting for the different sub-styles. We've got dress shoes, skate shoes, safety shoes, cowboy boots, dance shoes, heels, pumps, wedges, sandals, hi-tops, sneakers, running shoes, walking shoes, hiking shoes, wellington boots, thigh-highs, the list doth continue.

What's more, is that not all shoes are created equal. We've all been there: you try some on in the store; they feel good in your 30 second runway-walk to the mirror; you buy them; you spray them; you put them on the next day for a walk, and you end up with a thousand blisters. It's happened to the best of us.

Of course, the opposite is also true. Sometimes you find a shoe that feels like it was sculpted for your feet alone. Walking in them is as close to perfection as it can be without them actually being moulded to the contours of your stompers.

This is an ode to my shoes: They started as the former, and ended life as the latter.

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Contradiction - Pneuma Films (2015)

Released August 10, 2015

When's the last time you played a game with real live-action acting? Wing Commander 3, perhaps? Or maybe you need to go further back, such as a couple star games on Sega CD or the 3DO? I know I was a sucker for Sherlock Holmes: Consulting detective (though to be honest I never actually solved a single case).

They were good times then. Simpler times. Terribly acted, best-left-in-the-past times. I honestly didn't know FMV games - that is, full motion video - were still being made, let alone a smattering being released this year. One such game, Contradiction, got a decent amount of attention and was funded the same way every game seems to be made these days: KickStarter. It intrigued me so much so that I was persuaded to purchase it after a night of not insubstantial drinking.

I should make more of my purchasing decisions while half a bottle of Spicebox into my evening, because Contradiction is fabulous.

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