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Cibele - Star Maid Games (2015)

Released November 13, 2015

I asked for a game recommendation to play on the plane while I was flying to/from a recent business trip. People suggested Cibele, and so I grabbed it. Within about 5 minutes of playing I realized: "Nope, I cannot play this on a plane with people around me." People don't seem to understand that NSFW also applies to Planes full of families and children.

This is not going to be a typical game review. I say this before I get started because, quite frankly, Cibele's not like many games that I've ever experienced.

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Sunlight and Poopy Pants

Released October 12, 2015

So hey, you know babies? Turns out that they poop. Like a lot. Like multiple times a day. Babies poop like they've eaten nothing but curry paste and ex-lax. Babies poop like they're in some kind of hotdog-eating competition, but in this case the hotdogs are poop, and the eating is pooping. Baby's poop like they don't give a fuck. You know why? Because they're babies and they don't even have a concept of giving a fuck.

I've have got to work on my metaphors. And my similes.

So full disclosure: this post is basically about baby poop. It's got some poop-adjacent discussion, but it's at least 50% - 60% poop. Skip it or strap in, cause I'm numb to it all now and I'm not sure where the rest of the world is with this stuff. It's not all negative though, I swear.

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